Rewards Bird Game

Rewards bird is a mini tap to play arcade games where the user has to play and control the super uncontrolled flappy wings of the bird in the game that flutters through the world of the tubes because this is a great and simple game that allows you to play at the same time play and earn so that you can have fun and also receive money on your paypal account.

Game Features:
– Easy to play
– Leaderboard for best score users
– Latest Users Rewards

How to play?
– The way to play is very simple.
– First, when you log in for the first time to the game, you must register your own account on the game by putting your name, email and password.
– The game consists of the character of the bird, and your task as a player is to bypass the pipes by touching on the screen of your phone to be able to bypass the pipes without the bird hitting any of the pipes.
– When you pass the pipes, you get a point, and your goal in playing is to collect points to claim them later for Paypal rewards.

How to claim?
– Minimum withdrawals have been reduced. Now the minimum is 100.000 points only!
– You must have a Paypal account (it’s free).
– The user email must match the paypal wallet email
– After you reach the minimum withdrawal of points, go to the withdrawal button in the main menu.
– You will be required to put in your email associated with the Paypal account through which we will send you your Paypal rewards.
– The process of converting points to Paypal takes from 1 hour to 24 hours.

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Rewards Bird

7 sep. 2022
8.0 and above
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Arcade game
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