Payouts are delayed

Dear customers,

Unfortunately we have bad news regarding our move to a new office, there is currently delay on our side to submit correct documents to our partners.

That is why you will temporarily not see any payouts that you normally expect to receive from us as always, however, this month of May/June no payment transaction can be found on your paypal and/or bank account.

Hey, don’t be afraid that you won’t get money 😉

We have submitted to all our partners since May 18, 2022 19:02 UTC since 2 days ago, this forms has now also been approved by all our partners 🙂

That might mean that you can pay out in June!
But it is not certain, that’s why we will indicate in July that you will receive a 100% payment, even those new ones that have been requested will also be paid out in July.

We would like to apologize for these problems, hopefully this will never happen again.

Do you have any questions about the financial department? please feel free to email us at [email protected] or create a ticket.

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