New Release Collectors Map

We have received many complaints about our Collectors Map app.

We would like to thank people who have emailed and posted a review about this, we have collected and resolved all complaints.

Complaints passed.

  • Cannot install through google play.
  • App was automatically uninstalled.
  • Since new update came from android 12 no longer use and/or update.

We can also tell you that we had a big problem, unfortunately we were unable to solve it quickly due to. our developers were very sick of corona time and had to look for a temporary replacement, unfortunately this was not possible for the right developer, in the meantime our developer had gotten better and immediately sat behind to solve these problems and of course it finally worked that Collectors Map was available again for Android 12, and of course our developer also thought about future version android 13 this has also been tested and works.

We are happy to hear that our developer was ready and happy to share with you good news that our new release has been launched on google play.

You can now install and/or update to our new version.

Of course we have not only had this done, but we have also added new partners with whom we work such as tapjoy, Chartboost and more to our advertising network, and we have also improved and updated entire library and security.

Do you still have problems with our Collectorsmap app? Feel free to send an email to [email protected]

Hopefully this will not happen again, and we would like to apologize on behalf of virtaxx and developer for this inconvenience.

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