New jacket from our website

Hello Virtaxx visitors,

We have good news for you, our website is finally ready for use.

As you can see, we have given our website a new look, a new refreshing web design (website).

We have done better layouts here, since we will soon also be building web applications for our company.

Of course we will continue to build our apps, but we will certainly also expand towards web applications.

Are you missing a ticket system?
we have temporarily removed it, because we are working on building a better version next to our website. this one will come back later! You can temporarily use our Whatsapp Support and/or contact form.

Besides that, we have even repaid a new contract for 2 years with our partner Namecheap for our website and applications to be able to host 🙂

This means that we now also use a CDN server so that our website and of course our web & android applications load even faster.

We have also built in an improving privacy system, so that before you visit our website you must first agree to placing cookies, previously our privacy system (cookies) was not working properly, for which we would like to apologize again.

Unfortunately we also had bad downtime of our web & android applications for a while, you will now experience them less with downtime, now we have a good cooperating partner Namecheap with almost no downtime anymore.

Do you have any suggestions or are you missing something about our website or service, please send us an email to [email protected]