How to request paying?

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Chance pay

We explain how you can request a payment at Chance Pay.

You can choose 2 options to have Virtaxx paid out via Paypal or a Voucher.

Step 1; Launch app Chance Pay
Step 2; Option 1 click on Redeem cash or option 2 Redeem Rewards
Step 3.1: Redeem cash you can request from $10 dollars to your paypal account.
Step 3.2: Redeem Rewards offers you a choice of Google Play Giftcard or Amazon Giftcard from $5 dollars (20M points).
Step 4: enter your paypal e-mail address or receive your e-mail address for Giftcard.

Watch & Earn

We explain how you can request a payout from Watch & Earn.

You can request a payout from Watch & Earn from 500,000 points, after you have made an application, Virtaxx will process it.

Step 1; Launch the Watch & Earn app
Step 2; Click at the top right on the button menu
Step 3: Then click on menu “REEDEM
Step 4: Enter your points that you want to be paid out, this is possible from 500K points.
Step 5: Click on the “NEXT” button
Step 6: Enter your Paypal email address where the amount can be deposited.

Pay attention; You need a verified paypal account to receive a withdrawal.

Have you still not received a payment within 2 months? then create a ticket at the finance department and submit as much evidence as possible so that it can be processed faster and help by one of our colleagues

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