Captcha Work Payouts April 2023

Captcha Work Payouts April 2023

Good news for all Members of CaptchaWork, we have processed all transactions and paid out to members today.

We processed a total of 786 transactions manually and paid out a total of USD 314.40 this month in April.

Unfortunately, there are also some rejected transactions and often see that data is not entered correctly or correctly, these have expired.

We would like to point out again to do these ways:

  • Paypal: your email address or @youraccountname
  • Payeer: P00000 account number

You must enter this above entry and not telephone numbers, bank account details or your name, then these will be immediately declared invalid.

If you do not understand how to do this, we are happy to help you, please create a helpdesk ticket via

Hopefully we have now been able to explain clearly to you how it works.

See you again soon at next month’s payment!

Yours sincerely,
Virtaxx Team